Robot Assisted Hip Replacement

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Mako Robotic Arm Assisted
Total Hip Replacement
Mr James Webb

What Is Robotic Assisted Surgery ?

Over the years, hip and knee replacements have undergone countless improvements. MAKO robotic arm assisted hip and knee replacements are examples of how technology is used in an attempt to improve outcomes for patients. Mr James Webb is proud to pioneer the use of Robot Assisted Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement in the North of England.

When you hear ‘robotic-arm assisted technology,’ it’s important to understand that the Mako Robotic-Arm doesn’t actually perform the surgery. Surgery is performed by Mr Webb, who uses the Mako System software to pre-plan the surgery.

Mr Webb guides the Mako robotic-arm to remove diseased bone and cartilage. He inserts the hip or knee implant in precisely the optimal position for that individual patient.

Mako Technology was designed to help surgeons in their efforts of providing personalized surgical experience, with each surgical plan being based on a patient’s specific diagnosis and anatomy.

Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery aims to improve the positioning of hip and knee implants, as well as reducing the amount of bone needed to be removed to implant them.

Current evidence so far suggests that this system offers benefits in terms of improved function in patients as well as reduced rates of revision(redo surgery)

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Robotic Hip Replacement - Phil's Journey

Robotic Assisted Hip Surgery

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Robot Assisted Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has the Mako Robot Assisted Surgery procedure been available?

The first Mako Partial Knee procedure was performed in June of 2006 and the first Mako Total knee procedure was performed in June of 2016.

2. Does the Mako Robotic-Arm actually perform the surgery?

No, surgery is performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, who uses the surgeon-controlled robotic-arm system to pre-plan the surgery and to position the implant. The robotic arm does not perform the surgery nor can it make decisions on its own or move in any way without the surgeon guiding it. The Mako System also allows the surgeon to make adjustments to the patient’s plan during surgery as needed.

3. What is the evidence so far for Mako Robot-Arm Assisted Surgery?

New eveidence is continually being collected and released on Mako. A summary of the latest evidence can be found here LINK TO UPLOAD
More detailed evidence on Mako assited TKR can be found here
More detailed evidence on Mako assisted THr can be found here

4. Can any surgeon undertake robot-arm assisted knee and hip replacements?

No, this is a specialised technique that requires any surgeon using it to be fully trained and certified by MAKO before they can undertake any surgery. Mr Webb is fully certified